Sweet Treats

Mouthwatering chocolate bar trio 

A trio of chocolate bars sealed in a simple clear tube and tied with a red and white striped ribbon for a fun Christmas stocking filler gift of the most delicious kind.

A bar of Ooh La Lime, a dark chocolate with a twist of citrus, and two bars of our bestselling Smooth Operator, a seductively velvety plain milk chocolate.  

Unwrap and devour or add to homemade cakes and puddings for incredible flavour.

Chocolate bars are also available as single bars Ooh La Lime and Smooth Operator.

Handmade in Somerset, England by Jane our boutique chocolatier.

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Please see individual bars for Ingredients list and Nutritional information:

Ooh La Lime

Hello Sailor

Light My Fire

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Store in a cool, dry place, away from direct sunlight.

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Jane Swayne - Chocolates

Simple clean flavours creating irresistibly luxurious treats

The Aztecs believed that chocolate had such aphrodisiac qualities that it banned women from eating all foods made with cocoa. Even an Austrian professor in the seventeenth century tried to ban the drinking of chocolate in monasteries because it inflamed passion. Such killjoys!

Makers and Merchants have no such prejudice or hang-ups. Since moving to Somerset we have made friends with some amazing people and this fabulous boutique chocolatier, Jane Swayne is one of them. 

Deep in the Somerset countryside, we have collaborated with her to make our luxoriously indulgent chocolate bars that land a dreamy, creamy smack!

Jane has focused on a very bespoke and personalised service and it's this service that has enabled Makers & Merchants, over many collaborative discussions, cups of hot chocolate and chocolate tastings, to create some great flavoured chocolates in our own personalised mould.

She makes lovingly handmade chocolate, to her own unique and thoughtful recipes, often using the herbs and fresh flavours grown in her garden. Making only in small batches by dedicated staff, and using Fairtrade cocoa, which guarantees a fair deal for the workers and their local environment, it was her unwavering personal philosophy and passion for simple clean flavours that won us over and that has created these exceptional quality chocolate bars. Irresistibly luxurious treats.

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