Oven to Tableware Large Terracotta Lid

The finishing touch to your large terracotta dish

Sergio Herman's handmade terracotta range of dishes has a contemporary matt finish which has created a unique style to a traditional cooking pot.

Available in medium

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Soak in water before first use. Suitable for gas, electric and ceramic hobs. Slowly increase the temperature of the heat and use diffusers and hob surface protectors where appropriate. Ovensafe up to 300℃ and suitable for the microwave. Safe in the dishwasher but because this material is porous allow this product to air dry before storing to avoid mould. Freezer safe. To prevent cracking, crazing and scratching avoid thermal shock from cold to hot surfaces.
Sergio Herman - Terracotta Oven to Tableware

Sergio Herman

Olives, crema catalana, crème brûlée…

The Surface collection is a very personal project for Sergio Herman and one that is inspired by the beautifully diverse coastline that hosts the location of one of his restaurants. From the deep grey of the mystic North Sea to the scarred and ageing skin of the coast, its rough textures and beautiful imperfections are laid bare. The discovery of surface.

“Terracotta oven dishes, indispensable in Southern cultures, are on their way to conquer the rest of the world."

Terracotta meaning baked earth has been used for centuries for cooking and is still used to this day. It adorns many a Greek taverna and Spanish tapas house and whether you order a portion of olives in Italy, a crema catalana in Spain or a crème brûlée in France, they are practically always served in terracotta oven dishes.

These dishes are "... handy, versatile and a joy to behold on every table, so I simply could not resist adding my very own version to the Surface Collection. Oven-proof, easy to use and maintain, contemporary, and with their own, unique identity - that is what I wanted. And it is with great pride that I can say that they have turned out just as I imagined them!" The matt black finish gives them a unique contemporary look and the chunky handle makes a world of difference to the grip and feel in your hands. Other than that they maintain all the fabulous qualities of the traditional cookware.

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