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Souvenir D'Suéde

Souvenirs D'Suéde is part of the Table Nomade range. Designed by Paola Navone and inspired by the Scandinavian fabrics of the 1950's. Fun and contemporary in feel, this platter adds a unique highlight to any gathering.

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Suitable for dishwashers and microwaves. Not suitable for ovens.
Paola Navone - Table Nomade Products Paola Navone - Table Nomade Products

Paola Navone

I have nomadic blood running through my veins…"

The Italian designer Paola Navone has travelled the world to be inspired by cultures and traditions.

"I have nomadic blood running through my veins, travelling is my second nature. With the curiosity of an anthropologist, I will go in search of everyday objects from different cultures and traditions."

During her many travels, Paola always adds new discoveries to her list. The colours, the patterns, the shapes and materials of traditional objects are an inexhaustible source of inspiration. With her Table Nomade collection she presents a collection of 'Souvenirs' that represent her inspired travels. Each telling their own story, about their particular corner of the world.

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