Square Plate

Handpainted blue serving platters in three shapes.

Anita le Grelle is Inspired by the natural colours of earth, sky and ocean. An emotional approach to all her collections.

This collection expresses the free, soft and floating pallet of tones of sky blue.

Also available in round and oval

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Suitable for dishwashers and microwaves. Not suitable for the oven Due to the artistic approach of the designer and in order to achieve an artisanal look and feel, color differences and glazing irregularities are part of the of the manufacturing process.
Anita Le Grelle - Terre de Rêves Handpainted Range Anita Le Grelle - Terre de Rêves Handpainted Range

Anita Le Grelle

The earthly beauty of Anita Le Grelle's dream landscapes

As an extension of the famous Terres de Rêves range, the dream world of Anita Le Grelle comes to life through her ceramics.  

The range that once started with a few ceramic plates and bowls has grown into an extensive collection, in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and textures. The colours and often the textures echo mountain landscapes, seas, caves, and icebergs of Anita Le Grelle’s dream landscape.

The handmade range is an expressive suggestion of clouds, sea and sky. The imperfections in the multiple glazes of the square, oval and round objects contribute to their ‘earthly’ beauty.

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