Bela Silva - Japanese Kimono

Bela Silva - Japanese Kimono

The colours used on Kimonos often have multiple meanings with strong metaphorical, cultural and poetic symbolism. Bela's love of a blue-green colour palette with hints of purple and white are present in much of her work and are predominant  in this range of decorative bowls and dishes.

Blue deriving from indigo which is used to treat bites and stings, serves as a repellent to snakes and insects and is also a reflection of peace. Purple is a metaphor for undying love and green represents new beginnings and good fortune, whilst white signifies growth, surrender or peace and stands for purity, truth and honesty.

Kimono motifs or landscape scenes are traditionally drawn from the natural world and can indicate the virtues or attributes of the wearer. A perfect inspiration for Bela's love of nature which inspired her to use birds, trees and leaf motifs. Depicting birds is believed to bestow good fortune. Such imagery is widely used for weddings and festivals.

A range full of optimism and perfect for bringing a touch of Spring into your home.

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