A brand with a creative eccentric at its heart who has around him a team of practical, hands-on experts to make sure his big ideas make it into our cups and saucers.

“With an unquenchable thirst for fine brews, I found myself trekking across treacherous terrains, navigating fathomless oceans and defying many a wild beast in pursuit of exceptional ingredients from the finest growers. Here are my adventurous blends with many a tale to tell...” William Whistle

We have created William Whistle to tell the story of how we and our tea blenders and our coffee roasters explore the world to find the very best leaves, beans and ingredients. He blends traditional botanical knowledge gleaned from growers in all 4 corners of the world, adds in adventurous new ideas and a generous sprinkle of eccentricity to create what he, and we hope are brews of great flavour and real distinction.

With a range of stylish accessories to come, more adventurous flavours to follow and many more adventures in the pipeline, we’ll hand it over to William Whistle to take you on his journeys from here....


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