Sergio Herman - Surface Cast Iron Cookware

Sergio Herman - Surface Cast Iron Cookware

creates a powerful contrast with the smoothly polished interior.

The enamelled glazing allows the pots to be cleaned easily, the glazed base makes them suitable for all cooking surfaces and the cast iron withstands the highest temperatures and retains  heat for a long time. Allowing for slow cooking, the flavours mingle, and the clever design of the lid keeps food moist whilst cooking, reducing the risk of food drying out.

Good ‘tools’ are indispensable in every kitchen.  The cast iron cooking pots and pans, with their camogreen or black glaze are not only suitable for any heat source, the collection is also very extensive. With a size for every function from handy and compact formats for one or two, or larger pots for when you have guests, they look as beautiful on the table as they do on the stove.

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