Sergio Herman - Surface Tableware

Sergio Herman - Surface Tableware

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I was very excited to be given the opportunity to tell my own story and to translate my professional experience into this very personal range of tableware.

I had a clear goal: a collection with tough, contemporary and timeless looks, that perfectly matches the present in terms of design. Its ease of use and sustainable character were always a number one focus during the design process.

The result is a stunning series of stoneware dishes with three different looks, Camo Green, Rusty Brown and Indi Grey. I am of the opinion that different sizes and shapes all have their own function, so in order to stimulate creativity, we made the series as extensive as possible with cups, plates, bowls and dishes in all sizes, from low to tall, and from small to extra-large."

This range is the product of a vision both Serax and I share: a belief in talent and the power of collaboration to fuel creativity. A strong idea is nothing without perfect execution.”

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