LIA Awards

LIA Awards

LIA (London International Awards) 2014
Bronze Award for Packaging Design for Food – Makers & Merchants

Attracting the very best talent every year, the LIA global awards are awarded for great creative ideas and execution across film, TV, advertising and design.

Makers & Merchants won this award for our exceptional branding approach with the aim to create a name, identity and packaging for our new brand.

The brands strategy was to offer a unique combination of food and homeware products with each product commissioned by a specialist artisan, so it was important that the brand told a story of quality, craftsmanship and collaboration. The packaging needed to reflect the personality of each product and maker, whilst remaining identifiable on a retail shelf.

The brand name, Makers & Merchants, reflects the approach to product creation, while the strict colour palette and bold graphic style ensures a sense of family, but allowing the freedom to playfully reflect the personality of both the product and artisan behind it.



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