Giant Wooden Board

An incredible giant for serving just about anything.

A dramatic, impressive piece on a very grand scale. This board will always take centre stage in your kitchen or on your table.

A fantastic scale for serving pizzas to share, a dazzling party of meats and cheeses, a whole fish with the trimmings or really just about anything you can think of.

Each item is hand finished with a burning technique that brings out the character of the wood and gives each piece its own unique style, striking the balance between artisan and rustic.

Also available in Large, Square and Small

Handcrafted in Portugal from locally sourced pine.

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Wash immediately after use with hot soapy water. Do not soak.

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Made in Portugal - Cricket

Anyone for Cricket…?

Our simple wooden boards are made from Portuguese Maritime Pine. A hard fast growing tree that loves the hot dry summers and cool rainy winters the Mediterranean climate offers.

Extending from Portugal in the west to Croatia in the east and northern Morrocco in the south, the bark of these tall elegant trees has for centuries claimed many health benefits.

Our Cricket boards, are named after the sport that originated in southern England in the late 16th Century and which our boards take the same shape of the unique bat used to play the game.

Unlike the Cricket bat, they go through a burning process to highlight the wonderful grain and patina of the natural wood.


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