Mosaic Plate

Handcrafted in Portugal by family potters.

The perfect breakfast plate, a great size for a light lunch or a generous dessert plate for special occasion parties. Nuno will not fail to impress.

It’s hand-painted mosaic design, inspired by the traditional tiled buildings of Portugal, will add a touch of character and style to any table. Perfect for indoor or outdoor dining, a must to impress at parties or just a beautiful decoration on the wall or table

Inspired by traditional Portuguese ceramics and made from local terracotta. Each item is unique and therefore no two pieces will be the same.


Also availablie as a serving bowl and a serving platter.

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Hand-wash only. Do not soak
Vasicol Nuno

Inspired by the civilisations that contributed to the Portuguese heritage

Inspired by the decorative tiles adorning walls, floors and ceilings across Portugal, and dating back to Moorish times, the patterned tiles have been popular in Portugal since the fifteenth century. The word azulejo, the Portuguese word for ‘tile’, derives from the Arabic al zulaich meaning ‘little stone’

Our Portuguese maker has a long heritage in creating ceramic products. A family owned business dating back to 1885 when their founding ancestor first started to produce ceramics. Their pottery still makes handmade pots, is still inspired by traditional shapes and they genuinely use old original production techniques.

We love their passion for the handmade and how their family history has remained an important part of their company. They still use the same factory workshop that was established at the beginning of their family's ceramic journey all those years ago, treasuring the inspiration and honouring the passion and commitment from years gone by.

Proud of its heritage and well-known for its ceramics, the Algarve has been a hub of human activity for centuries. A key trading route for the Greeks, Phoenicians, Romans and Moors, Portugal has welcomed a multitude of highly developed civilisations that have contributed to the rich tapestry of its heritage. All have added their flair, creativity and skill.


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