Plant Pots & Planters for your home and garden

Plant Pots & Planters for your home and garden

A new category for our Makers & Merchants Shop.

In the week of national gardening week the latest addition to the Makers & Merchants online shop is the launch of our pots and planter’s range. A category we’ve been excited to launch not only to decorate our own homes and gardens but to also in the months ahead, via our Plum Tree Farm blog, show how amazing our pots can look throughout the year both inside and out.

Our pots & planters range launches with three very creative designers who each bring their own relationships with nature to the collection.

Marie Michielssen  has an artistic approach to her designs. Her love of nature, art and architecture form the inspiration that inspires her work infusing her quest for elegance and beauty with her passion to make a product function, which are all part of Marie Michielssen’s commercial thought processes that make her work so desirable and so useable.


Portrait of Marie Michilssen for Serax in her studio and creating her design


Our selection provides a concise collection of her work that complements our pots & planters range with a more urban look and feel. Using concrete and glazed terracotta to create ConcreteSeventies and Tab, Marie Michielssen is a designer that will feature throughout the Makers & Merchants website weaving her honest approach to shape and form throughout our range.


Photos of two Seventies plant pots by Marie Michilssen for Serax and 3 Tab plant pots


The Serax Design Studio are experts in the world of pots for flowers and plants and have a history built in the world of floristry. The company originated over 30 years ago in amongst the foliage and plant life of the Belgium flower industry and to this day Serax have built on and use their expertise and knowledge to define and produce products that not only look beautiful as objects, but also enhance any lush green or colourful prize specimen in your collection.



A photo of the Serax Design Team featured on Makers & Merchants Website and a photo of 3 Ink Plant Pots  in Dark Blue


A selection of the successful Serax range of pottery for plants can be found on our Makers & Merchants website and include the ever popular range of Handpainted Pots, simple Terracotta, deep and richly coloured Ink Pots and Tabor a very useable range inspired by a small drum.


Picture of 4 Yellow Tabor plant pots and planters by Serax Design Studio on Makers and Merchants website


Our third launch designer is Bela Silva a sculptural genius whose work will follow later in the season. A Portuguese artist who has certainly captured our imagination. You can’t help but have an emotional response to Bela Silva’s work. Her sculpture and art pieces are passionate, large, tactile and unmistakably expressive. Fearless. Humorous. Sensitive. An artist who creates her own magical world of imagery.


A picture of Bela Silva wearing black top and orange trousers with her hair up in her studio creating her sculpture and a picture of her pattern design, Bela Holding her book and a picture of her latest Look at me pot for Serax


Bela Silva’s new Look At Me plant pots will be available on our Makers & Merchants website in June. Contact us if you want to be added to our waiting list and be the first to find out when they arrive.


a picture of Bela Silva standing in a room with her sculpture and a picture of bela silva for serax look at me plant pots


In summary, the idea behind the range we have selected, is to bring together a group of artistic designers who together create a collection of pots & planters that showcase creative imagination and a sense of commercial expertise. They are accessibly priced, decorative and practical with a spirit that taps into the soul of the natural world and enhances nature in all its beauty.

We haven’t opted for one style but a mixture of styles that with careful planting will transcend seasons and be just as amazing inside as out. Whether you have abalcony, a terrace, an allotment or a garden, there is always room for a plant pot.

Most of our pots have no drainage holes and are therefore best used with a nursery pot inside. To make the purchasing easier we have created a useful size guide that links the size of your nursery pot to particular pots in our range. It’s always a challenge buying online but hopefully our approach helps to identify the perfect pot for you.

View our full plant pots and planters collection here.

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