The Creators

Marie Michielssen

Marie Michielssens creative world is full of visual extremes. Her collections are all completely different but maintain a common thread - perfect balance.

Shape and form are her obsession, sculpting characterful objects from diverse materials. 'Drawing' in 3 dimensions, playing with elements such as papier mache to create new forms and silhouettes. She is good at expressing an idea, a feeling, a story - a theatrical product designer. Everything seemlessly melds together from the tight and controlled to the expressive and ecclectic.

Training as a graphic designer Marie set up her own small business in 1995, decorating and embelleshing simple everyday terracotta plant pots. It became an instant success, but as the business grew, managing the production and sales as well as trying to create, became too challenging for her small company and so she presented the collection to Serax. She became their resident designer and along with the Serax team has spent the last 25 years creating a very successful international lifestyle brand that she is very proud of.

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