Orange, Clementine & Ginger Gin

Orange, Clementine & Ginger Gin

There are so many different Gins on the market but for me one stands out more than most - Tanqueray has to be my favourite, with Tanqueray No. Ten sitting in pole position. Distilled in small batches its classic botanical flavour has an added explosion of grapefruit, orange, lime and chamomile flower, whats not to like.

The Makers & Merchants Clementine & Ginger Syrup is not only an extra hit of citrus but gives a warming spicy kick of ginger and chilli.

I like this on a Friday night at the end of the week and have also been known to indulge after a days gardening, but hey... it's great any day of the week.

Makes 1 delicious glass


15ml Tanqueray No. Ten gin

50ml fresh orange juice

1 tsp Makers & Merchants Clementine & Ginger Syrup


Shake all ingredients together in a cocktail shaker with ice. Pour into a champagne coupe glass, our Passe-partout Champagne Coupe is perfect, and garnish with a twirl of finely sliced orange skin on the side.

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