St Lucia Rum Punch

St Lucia Rum Punch

Those who are very lucky and are able to jet off to an alternative festive season with sun and beach can enjoy a version of this punch with the sand between their toes. If you are amongst snow, rain or in need of festive cheer in any other weather condition, this is your drink.

Brilliantly fresh and an amazing colour, it's surprisingly very Christmassy especially with a few touches of sage and thyme if you like that kind of thing.

Serves 20


700ml dark rum

1.2 litres apple juice

500ml freshly squeezed orange juice (blood orange is great for it's colour)

Juice of 10 limes, plus extra to serve

grated nutmeg

A dash of Angostura bitters

6 dstsp of Makers & Merchants Clementine & Ginger Syrup


Put all the ingredients in a punch bowl and mix well. Adjust the nutmeg, the Angostura bitters and the syrup to taste and serve with lots of ice and lime slices.

You can also serve from a jug. Our Passe-partout range has the perfect jugs, bottles and glasses for the job.

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