The Creators

Anita Le Grelle

Anita le Grelle was born and raised in Antwerp, where she gained her degree in graphic design. After working in advertising she moved to London with her family. While raising her children there she also attended sculpture classes at the Royal College of Art. 

“I have five children. When my last child left home a few years ago to study in England, I suddenly had heaps of time, and for the first time I could focus entirely on my work.”

Her sculptures reflect a deep-seated love for craftsmanship, creating and recreating, using and reusing, so that remnants of wax from nearly burnt out candles can be reused to create something else. It was by coincidence that she moved into the world of pottery. She decided to dismantle one of her older artworks. From the clay she retrieved, she made a mould in the shape of a small bowl. The bowl became a plate, which in turn became a dish ... and before she knew it Terres de Rêves tableware was born.

Since leaving the Royal College of Art, Anita has displayed her sculptures at numerous exhibitions in Belgium and London.

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