The Creators

Bela Silva

Bela Silva was born and raised in Lisbon Portugal but has travelled, studied and exhibited in many countries across the world. A true artistic globetrotter. She now commutes between Brussels and Lisbon.

She has a love of nature and like William Morris she believes that art must draw from life, have a place in our everyday existence and permeate and balance with our surroundings. Her love of drawing is a crucial part of her creative process. She ‘thinks’ both through her drawing and 3 dimensionally through sculpture.

Bold and untamed her work is organic, voluptuous and generous influenced by her Portuguese origins and inspired by the richness and passions of the orient, Persia and Latin America. Colour therefore plays an important part whether subtle and sensual or direct, energetic and brutal. Her travels are an eternal source of inspiration and discovery.

She has published books and has been featured in many magazines across the global press. Her work is collected by private and public collectors.

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