Fruit Panettone

This Panettone is really special

Packaged in a glittering gold box, a naturally leavened baked confectionery made with free-range eggs, and the best Madagascan vanilla, Turkish sultanas and Sicilian candied orange peel, it’s full of delicious flavours.

Left to proof for 3 days, it’s the carefully nurtured yeast used to make it rise that makes it so incredible, because it fills the gloriously light sponge with a honey fragrance unique to the family bakery that makes these for us.

This delicious cake is not just for Christmas! It makes an amazing Bread & Butter Pudding - round, square or shaped into any seasonal tin shape. It also makes an amazing Apple Cake for any time of the day, month or year. Enjoy!

Fresh fruit decoration not included

Handmade in Veneto, Italy to a secret family recipe

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Typical Value per 100g
  • Energy1673kJ/399kcal
  • Total Fat19.3g
  • (of which saturates)10.1g
  • Carbohydrate48.3g
  • (of which sugars)28.5g
  • Protein7.7g
  • Salt0.1g


Wheat, Flour, Butter, Sultanas 14%, Fresh Egg Yolk Free-range, Candied Orange Peels 11%, (Orange Peels, Glucose Syrup, Sugar), Cane Sugar, Natural Yeast (Wheat Flour, Water), Water, Italian Honey, Fresh Milk, Emulsifiers: Mono And Diglycerides Of Fatty Acids, Fresh Eggs Free-range, Milled Candied Lemon Peels 1% (Lemon peels, Glucose Syrup, Sugar), Salt, Natural Flavouring (Vanilla Pods).

Allergy Advice

See ingredients in bold. Produced in a factory that also uses nuts and soya


Store in a cool dry place out of direct sunlight. Once opened keep in an airtight container and consume within 7 days.

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MM Fruit Panettone

"... to create a symphony, every instrument has to be in harmony with the whole…”

So says our Venetian panettone baker; a baker in the authentic, artisinal hand-made tradition. Based in Zané, in the province of Vicenza, northern Italy, they have been making their naturally leavened sweet baked cakes with their impossibly fluffy flavourful texture since the 1970s. 

The 'art' in the artisinal approach lies in the slow proofing and baking process which takes 3 days. The success of this incredible cake ultimately comes down to the mother dough - a jealously guarded recipe refreshed every day - and which has just kept on giving for over 40 years. The careful proofing and baking gives our panettone their characteristic "alveolatura"; the irregular sized holes that create the unique lightness and softness while capturing the sweet and fragrant aroma's of our carefully selected fruits.

A dough of fresh eggs, whole milk, reed sugar and honey, naturally flavoured with whole Bourbon vanilla berries from Madagascar and leavened with small quantities of mother dough provide the basic building block. To this traditional recipe we add the colour and harmonies of carefully selected natural ingredients; Australian raisins, Calabrian oranges, almonds from Puglia, candied lemon peel, wild Italian honey.

You'll truly never taste better.

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