Extraordinary Chocolates Small

A box of 9 delicious ganache filled chocolates

Our small box contains 3 incredibly special flavours. Each made to order especially for you by our award winning chocolatier using fresh local Somerset cream and fresh herbs and fruit purées grown and made at our home Plum Tree Farm here in Somerset.

There are no artificial flavours or colourings. Each special chocolate is decorated with a cocoa butter decoration combined with natural colouring such as turmeric and spirulina giving the decoration its vibrant colour.

Also available in Medium and Large

These chocolates will be made especially for you as soon as we receive your order and will be sent directly to you within a few days.

Raspberry, mint & raspberry liqueur: A combination made in heaven. Fresh raspberries and a fresh mint infused milk chocolate ganache with a splash of sweet fruity raspberry liqueur.

Salted almond & thyme: A box of chocolates wouldn't be the same without a nut. A whole roasted salted almond nestles inside a dark ganache made with fresh cream infused with fresh thyme.

Tarragon & Cornish sea salt: A fresh tarragon and fresh cream dark chocolate ganache sprinkled with crunchy Cornish sea salt and encased in a dark chocolate shell.

Suitable for vegetarians

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Sugar, cocoa mass, fresh cream (milk), cocoa butter, fresh raspberries, fresh tarragon, mint, thyme, almonds, natural alcohol, raspberry liqueur, rice starch, emulsifier: soya & sunflower lecithin, Cornish sea salt, natural vanilla.

Made with certified Fairtrade chocolate. Dark chocolate 54% minimum cocoa solids, milk chocolate 34% minimum cocoa solids and white chocolate 28% minimum cocoa solids.

No artificial flavours or preservatives.

The coloured cocoa butter we use for decoration contains natural food colouring such as turmeric and spirulina - E100, E163, E172 & E171


These chocolates have been made especially for you with fresh ingredients and will change character and flavour if not stored correctly.

Keep in a cool place below 10°C once purchased and consume by the best before date.

Jane Swayne - Chocolates

Simple clean flavours creating irresistibly luxurious treats

The Aztecs believed that chocolate had such aphrodisiac qualities that it banned women from eating all foods made with cocoa. Even an Austrian professor in the seventeenth century tried to ban the drinking of chocolate in monasteries because it inflamed passion. Such killjoys!

Makers and Merchants have no such prejudice or hang-ups. Since moving to Somerset we have made friends with some amazing people and this fabulous boutique chocolatier, Jane Swayne is one of them. 

Deep in the Somerset countryside, we have collaborated with her to make our luxoriously indulgent chocolate bars that land a dreamy, creamy smack!

Jane has focused on a very bespoke and personalised service and it's this service that has enabled Makers & Merchants, over many collaborative discussions, cups of hot chocolate and chocolate tastings, to create some great flavoured chocolates in our own personalised mould.

She makes lovingly handmade chocolate, to her own unique and thoughtful recipes, often using the herbs and fresh flavours grown in her garden. Making only in small batches by dedicated staff, and using Fairtrade cocoa, which guarantees a fair deal for the workers and their local environment, it was her unwavering personal philosophy and passion for simple clean flavours that won us over and that has created these exceptional quality chocolate bars. Irresistibly luxurious treats.

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