Medium Salad Bowl

A traditionally shaped salad bowl.

Pascale Naessens philosophy threads its way through her Pure collection. A relaxed way of entertaining and a range that is simple and beautiful. A collection of bowls, platters and plates filled with delicious food, salads and sauces that casually wind themselves down the centre of the table.

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Suitable for the dishwasher. In order to achieve an artisanal look and feel, colour differences and glazing irregularities are all part of the manufacturing process and look of this range.
Pascale Naessens  - Pure Range

Pascale Naessens

An expert in Chinese medicine, a Shiatsu specialist & practicing Tai Chi...

There is a sense of the holistic around Pascal. Having traveled the world as a model and TV presenter, she was inspired by the Far East. Now an expert in Chinese medicine, practicing Tai Chi and a certified Shiatsu specialist, her food philosophy focuses more on lifestyle than diet and her ceramics have followed suit, organic and earthy.

While making a documentary in Tunisia, Pascale came across Sabiha Ayari from Sejnane, Northern Tunisia. A ceramist hard at work, making terracotta pottery from clay extracted from the local wadis. Her handcrafted skills marked the beginning of Pascals fascination with ceramics and Pure was born.

Returning home, she took lessons for a number of years and starting small her first potter’s wheel stood in the kitchen, much to the annoyance of her family. She loved glazing that was vibrant and vivacious and wanted to create her own dinnerware range and after showing her samples to Serax, the rest is history.

An instant success, world famous restaurants like Bouvy and Hakkasan in London now serve their food on plates designed by Pascale. ‘Pure’ is distinguished by its colour, its organic design and vibrant glazing.

"How you eat is as important as what you eat. These bowls and dishes are made to make life easier, more pleasant and more beautiful. There’s nothing finer than a table set with large and small dishes and pots filled with delicious foods, salads and sauces from which guests can freely pick and choose. It instantly creates a relaxed ambiance where everyone decides what and how much to eat and the host or hostess is free to enjoy the evening without having to worry about allocating plates."

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