The Creators

Paola Navone

Straightforward, a dreamer and a lover of eclectic style.

Born in Turin, Paola Navone’s mind and soul are a combination of the spirit, flavours and colours that have captured her imagination during her travels of the world.  She loves the richness of cultural traditions, a relentless curiosity in search of ideas and materials, forms and structures; a quest into the past, present and future.

Over the past four decades, she has won many awards and has undeniably earned her place in the world of design. As an architect, product designer, art director, interior decorator and creator of exhibitions and events, she has put her artistic stamp on many a product, restaurant, exhibition, showroom, bar, office, and store around Europe, America and Asia.

As an artist, Paola doesn’t want to design systematically, she wants to be free. Free to be a citizen of the world, unburdened by borders and frontiers - she wants to look and discover. With the mind-set of an anthropologist and historian, she wants to breathe new life into the past, letting it intertwine with the present and the future.

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