Low Glass

Simple, elegant and classic

The name Passe-partout says it all, a collection that fits everywhere, in every setting.

This Low Glass is perfect for water, juice or wine

Designed by Vincent Van Duysen the unique Passe-partout glassware range is inspired by medieval drinkware with the intention of effortlessly linking the past to the present.

Also available as a Tall Glass or with a carafe

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Suitable for the dishwasher but hand washing is preferable.
Vincent Van Duysen - Passe Partout Range Vincent Van Duysen - Passe Partout Range

Vincent Van Duysen

Effortlessly linking the past to the present

Designed by Vincent Van Duysen, unique Passe-partout glasses, carafes and jugs are effortlessly timeless, simple and with a sense of tranquility and calm. Respecting tradition and with a sense of antique, the chalice shaped glassware  links the elegance of the past to the practicality of the present.  

Following the opening of Sergio Hermans restaurant The Jane in the chapel of the former military hospital in Antwerp in 2014, the nearby Augustinian convent was given a new lease of life and transformed into a serene haven, 

a contemporary hotel by Architect and Interior designer Vincent Van Duysen.

This neoclassical monument and gardens amid Antwerps 19th Century sprawl served as a home to the nuns, a place where they could seek their own space from their task of looking after wounded soldiers.

With a desire to create a dining experience that befitted a contemporary hotel, but makes a nod to the building's history, Vincent Van Duysen set about creating Passe-Partout which takes inspiration from medieval-shaped glassware and goblets. Meeting the Serax team Vincent Van Duysen developed a range of tableware that can be used as much in a hotel as in your own home.

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