Shallow Irregular Bowl

An impressive bowl to have on display.

Unique in shape and scale with a glazed interior and matt exterior.

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Handwash only
SERAX Design Studio - Irregular Bowls and Circle Bottle

SERAX Design Studio

Inspiration to create a home that brings happiness

Serax products have for a long time been hailed as some of the most creative homeware products of the last few decades.

The in-house design team have developed a collection that over the years has devloped unique shapes, materials and an in-house style that strives to create beauty, and find good things that add value to everyday living.

Creating a home that brings happiness is at their core. All Serax collections from tableware, glassware to furniture and lighting, are all carefully chosen to deliver this. They love the idea that to experience, to share, and to discover comes to all who touch, see or experience a Serax product.

Every collection is crafted traditionally. Travelling the globe with selected prototypes to find the right craftsperson to manufacture to the Serax philosophy. From Vietnam through Antwerp to Portugal, their products are manufactured exclusively by skilled craftsmen who importantly respect the basic idea and principles of each design.

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