Blue Pot

knots, gnarls & bumps

Inspired by designer Bela Silvas love of nature, this Look at Me range captures the detail from studies of tree bark.

With its repetitive circular motifs this generously sized blue pot expresses the natural textural blemishes of a trees trunk.

Your plants will definitely take centre stage.

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This pot is for indoor use and is treated with a thin waterproof coating on the inside. This does not guarantee that it will be 100% watertight. We therefore recommend not to plant directly into the pot but to place the plant in a plastic pot with a saucer or line the pot with a plastic bag. Both of these options also help with easy removal of the plant. Cracks may also form if the plant is planted directly into the pot.
Bela Silva - Look at Me Bela Silva - Look at Me Bela Silva - Look at Me Bela Silva - Look at Me

Bela Silva

Inspired by nature...

Trees are incredible. An important part of the planets survival. The bark of trees, the structure of a leaf, the texture of a branch have all inspired Bela Silva.

Tree bark is like our own skin - essential in holding everything together. Keeping moisture in, protecting against fungal infection, fending off the elements - the scorching sun or drying winds and a shield to prevent attack from insects, hungry birds and nibbling mammals.

However many creatures are also welcome to use this remarkable skin as a home, for food or to hide.

They creep into cracks, crevices and holes. Bats can sometimes be found under loose pieces of bark.

Inspired by the energy, generosity and resilience that plants, and in particular trees radiate, Bela Silva has created these spectacular carved pots with their amazing coloured glazes. Pots that bring plants to the centre of attention in any indoor or outdoor setting.

With a nod to the natural world Bela's blue-green glaze, a recurring feature in her work, combined with a gnarled natural finish with simple geometric designs and repeated relief shapes create this striking plant pot collection.

Your plants will never have looked better.

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