Dessert Knife

The perfect classic French restaurant style cutlery.

Sergio Herman had no doubt in his mind that the design for his cutlery range had to have a classic look yet be entirely contemporary.

With its hollow handle the shape of this knife is beautifully traditional. The stone-washed finish of the range gives a contemporary but slightly vintage look. The most versatile cutlery for any meal, for any occasion and at any time of day. All the ingredients for eating in style.

Available boxed in a set of 6 or wrapped for delivery individually

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Sergio Herman - Surface Cutlery

Sergio Herman

Classic yet entirely contemporary

The Surface collection is a very personal project for Sergio Herman and one that is inspired by the  beautifully diverse coastline that hosts the location of one of his restaurants.  From the deep grey of the mystic North Sea to the scarred and ageing skin of the coast, its rough textures and beautiful imperfections are laid bare.  The discovery of surface.

Sergio first met Frank and Axel from Serax during the preparations of the opening of his restaurant ‘The Jane’.  Since then, together they have developed tableware, cookware, glassware and this classic range of cutlery. 

"I was very excited to be given the opportunity to tell my own story and to translate my professional experience into this very personal range."

The shape is based on the classic French restaurant cutlery that was used in Sergio's family restaurant Oud Sluis and which he has worked with for 25 years since, choosing it for his restaurants ‘Pure C’ and ‘The Jane’. "So why change something that is near perfect? For the shapes and the texture of the cutlery, there was not a doubt in my mind. They had to have a classic look, yet be entirely contemporary."

The Surface Cutlery Collection has a wonderful stonewashed finish, that provides a contemporary look and makes them well-suited for everyday use for any occasion.

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