Low Glass Tumbler

Raspberry Fool with a sprig of mint looks fabulous in this glass

A perfectly formed thick walled glass, with its unique inside-out approach to design. A smooth exterior and a decorated relief interior allows for optimum hot or cold insulation.

Whether for wine or water, cocktails or sodas, juices or smoothies, coffee or tea with its straightforward, no fuss approach, Sergio Herman has designed the Surface Glassware range to fit all.

The most versatile glass you'll ever own. A great glass for drinking or for desserts.

Priced as an individual item

Available boxed as a set of 4 or wrapped for delivery individually

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Suitable for dishwashers & microwaves
Sergio Herman - Surface Glassware

Sergio Herman

Glasses fit for all occasions

The Surface collection is a very personal project for Sergio Herman and one that is inspired by the beautifully diverse coastline that hosts the location of one of his restaurants. From the deep grey of the mystic North Sea to the scarred and ageing skin of the coast, its rough textures and beautiful imperfections are laid bare. The discovery of surface.

Functionality and freedom of choice were the two key elements that Sergio Herman had in mind when he decided to launch a range of glassware onto the market.

"Glasses are used for drinking different kinds of beverages throughout the day, so I thought it was very important that you should have the choice to use them for whichever drink you desire, without compromising on style. Whether for wine or water, cocktails or sodas, juices or smoothies, coffee or tea ... the glasses must be fit for all."

In close cooperation with the Serax design team, these beautiful, recognisable, original and super strong glasses have sprung to life. They have been designed inside out with the textured design on the inside and the smooth surface on the outside. The thickness of the glass ensures optimal heat or cold insulation and the subtle narrowing of the glass at the rim makes it a pleasure to drink from.

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