The Creators

Sergio Herman & Tomer Botner

Tomer Botner is an Industrial Designer turned Knifemaker. His company Florentine Kitchen Knives was founded in 2012 in Tel Aviv and within a few years in 2016 he was joined by his wife Noam Blumenthal. A fashion designer. They can now be found in their new Spanish home of Barcelona.

Having worked in the restaurant world for 10 years; mainly front of house but as a cook for a short time, he developed an interest in the culinery world. Having worked with a few great chefs, he got the bug for cooking and started enthusiatsically cooking at home where he soon realised the importance of great tools "The knife is king..."

FKK now release limited editions each year and have made custom kitchen and table knives for many of the worlds finest restaurants and most accomplished cooks. This collaboration between Sergio Herman & Tomer Botner is a partnership made in heaven.

Sergio Herman & Tomer Botner

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