Steak Knife

Eating steak will never be the same again.

This incredible handcrafted Surface steak knife is the result of a collaboration between Sergio Herman and Tomer Botner, a Michelin star chef and a talented industrial designer turned knife-maker.

Exquisitely handcrafted with blades made of the strongest Swedish steel and handles from high-grade Canadian maple wood these certainly have the power to change your meat eating experience.

Price is for an individual knife.

Supplied in box as shown if ordered in multiples of 4

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Handwash only
SergioTomer - Sergio Tomer Kitchen Knives SergioTomer - Sergio Tomer Kitchen Knives SergioTomer - Sergio Tomer Kitchen Knives

Sergio Herman & Tomer Botner

The most important tools for a chef are his knives...

The Surface collection is a very personal project for Sergio Herman and one that is inspired by the beautifully diverse coastline that hosts the location of one of his restaurants. From the deep grey of the mystic North Sea to the scarred and ageing skin of the coast, its rough textures and beautiful imperfections are laid bare. The discovery of surface.

The love for craftsmanship is what brought Sergio Herman, Tomer Botner and Serax together. Handcrafted in Barcelona, an all-round kitchen knife, a paring knife and a steak knife, with blades made of the strongest Swedish steel 

and handles from the same high-grade maple wood used for the Dune Chopping Boards, these knives are suitable for both the professional chef and everyday cook.

Exquisitely made by Tomer Botner and his team, they are of the most beautiful handmade quality. "A premium well made tool has the ability to change your experience in the kitchen. With a fusion between east and west reflected in the functionality of the blades, the end result is contemporary and timeless."

Tomer Botner is an industrial designer turned knifemaker. He started knife making in Tel Aviv where he had spent a short time as a cook. His passion started in those 10 years in the restaurant industry. Spending most of that time front of house, he has been fortunate enough to have worked with some really great chefs. "I just got that bug and started exploring it myself and the knife is king in the kitchen" 

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Sergio Herman & Tomer Botner

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