Dune Chopping Board

Almost every single dish starts on a chopping board, and some of them even end there too.

Sergio Hermans choice of high-grade Canadian maple wood for his Surface chopping boards helps to keep your kitchen knives sharp. These tools of necessity and natural beauty are perfect to prepare food or as presentation or cheeseboards.

A wonderful gift partnered with a Surface knife.

Packaged in a printed cotton bag

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This product gains character with age. Handwash only. Use non abrasive detergents. Do not soak in water. Dry with a soft dry cloth or allow the board to dry naturally. The best way to protect your chopping board from staining or warping is to oil the surface with a vegetable or food grade mineral oil. A well-oiled board is easier to keep clean
Sergio Herman - Dune Chopping Boards

Sergio Herman

Curvaceous, tactile & more beautiful with age. 

The Surface collection is a very personal project for Sergio Herman and one that is inspired by the beautifully diverse coastline that hosts the location of one of his restaurants. From the deep grey of the mystic North Sea to the scarred and ageing skin of the coast, its rough textures and beautiful imperfections are laid bare. The discovery of surface.

The boards are beautifully finished into pebble shapes, reminiscent of stones on the beach with their natural smooth curves tactile to the touch, becoming more beautifully worn with age.

"Almost every single dish starts on a cutting board, and some of them even end there too. Every chef will agree with me, the road to perfection begins at the cutting board."

"There is also no way you can deliver a delicious and healthy meal onto the table with blunt knives. So the choice of high-grade Canadian maple wood was a logical one. The hardness of the wood keeps your knives sharp, the unique anti-bacterial and self-healing properties prevent contamination and it is dishwasher resistant."

These boards are not limited to the preparation of food, but take pride of place on the table as the perfect presentation boards.

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