Caramel Flavoured Coffee

Expedition No. 4

I was beside myself with excitement...

For an after dinner William Whistle coffee of extraordinary indulgence this gentle natured creature with its coffee bean markings led me to conjure up a smooth and creamy blend of beans from the Caldas and Risaralda terratories of Columbia.

Enhanced by sweet handpicked beans of Chalchuapa, El Salvador and a generous glug of my secret caramel syrup, a treat to end any meal.

The story of William Whistle's adventure -


Roasted & ground in England by our exceptional roaster

Freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee with caramel flavouring


To maintain freshness store in an airtight container or tightly reseal bag

How to Brew

Scoop approximately one heaped dessert spoon per cup into a cafetiere, cover with freshly drawn boiled water and stand for 3-5 minutes before pressing and serving.

In Pursuit of Uncommonly Fine Coffee

Here's a coffee with a tale to tell...

Expedition no. 4 - Caramel Flavoured Coffee

The exhilaration of giraffe riding...

Riding a giraffe of towering proportions is exhilarating enough, but on this particular journey I was beside myself with excitement when the beast I was upon carried the markings of my beloved coffee beans. The gentle nature of the creature, led me to conjure up a blend of serious smoothness for an after dinner coffee of extraordinary indulgence. Trekking across the Paisa region of Columbia I came across creamy, sweet tasting beans of the Caldas and Risaralda territories. Their natural sweetness was further enhanced by almond and cocoa notes from the handpicked beans of Chalchuapa, El Salvador, and finished with a slug of my secret caramel syrup.

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