Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

Expedition No. 3

Call me nutty but I was overjoyed...

A William Whistle artisan blend from the finest plantations of Salvador, Columbia and Brazil. Carefully blended to create this distinctive rich bodied roast.

The south east of Brazil provides the perfect coffee growing conditions to create a rich succulent peanutty quality.

An infusion of hazelnut syrup enhances the natural nutty tones of this distinctive blend.


The story of William Whistle's adventure -


Roasted & ground in England by our exceptional roaster

Freshly roasted 100% Arabica coffee with hazelnut flavouring


To maintain freshness store in an airtight container or tightly reseal bag

How to Brew

Scoop approximately one heaped dessert spoon per cup into a caffetiere, cover with freshly drawn boiled water and stand for 3-5 minutes before pressing and serving.

In Pursuit of Uncommonly Fine Coffee

Here's a coffee with a tale to tell...

Expedition no. 3 - Hazelnut Flavoured Coffee

The lost civilisation...

While others merely discover the ruins of a lost civilisation, I was fortunate enough to uncover a monumental mountain of giant hazelnuts on my last visit to Latin America. Call me nutty but I was overjoyed… Thus inspired I set out to the finest plantations of Central and South America to create a richly nutty brew. The beans grown in Minas Gervais and Parana, South East Brazil sang with peanut notes, that when paired with the sweet beans of El Salvador and the caramel tones of Columbian beans created a naturally nutty blend that is perfectly enhanced by just a drizzle of my hazelnut syrup.

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